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Compressor Spares
Cylinders and Pistons
point Each cylinder separately cast
point Graded casting used to meet OEM quality
point Machined & bored to equalising permissible tolerances
point Perfectly vertically bored and honed
point Perfectly drilled with proper fixture ensure proper assembly with related parts
point Available in steel, cast iron & alloy, fully machined aluminium
point Perfect dimension, finishing and material construction with specification
point Diamond polished and packed properly
point Variety of certified base stock magnaflux tested
point Dully checked manually individual piston for porocity, dimensional accuracy, Weight and piston ring groove size
Piston Rod
point Properly heat treated with proper raw materials
point Ensure proper tensile strength
point Perfect machine with proper thread matching with cross head and piston nut
point Ensure surface treatment with grinding with four micro inch RMS surface
Overhung Crankshaft
point Our overhung crankshaft designs make possible solid connecting rod.
point Crankshaft rotates on two heavy duty ball bearings.
point Overhung crankshaft with replaceable crank pin bush
point Perfect machining with proper drilling for centrifugal unloaders
point Dynamic balanced crankshaft rotate freely
point Axial aligned, perfect machined and hydraulic pressed crankshaft
point Ensure fully machined forging crankshaft
point Dynamic balanced crankshaft rotate freely
point Axial aligned to minimise vibration of compressor
point Perfect machining within permissible tolerances to match with main bearing and connecting rod bushing
point Ensure require oil pressure with "Oil floating bushing"
Our long life crankshaft assure minimum wear-trat, labour, parts cost and high compressor efficiency
Steel Bushings
point Proper basic material with CNC machining, proper in-house heat treated and maintained tolerances surface grinding with

smooth shining surface
point Ensure perfect size match with the dimension with crankshaft and connecting rod for easy assembly with long life
Aluminium Bushings
point Our aluminium main bearing bush (one piece with axial cut) and connecting rod bush (two halves) made from perfect

composition with aluminium ingots
point Proper heat treated and fully machine with perfection equalising OEM size
point Perfect axial cut to ensure oil pressure in main bearing bush and connecting rod bush
point Diamond cut finish provide smooth and shining surface
point Drilled and machined as per OEM quality
Rings and Packings
Piston Ring, Wearing Rings and Rider Rings
point Individual cast piston ring with complete maching and proper cut
point Standard and lapped with requirement
point Metallic, carbon filled teflon, bronze filled teflon, glass filled teflon & TFE Thermon plastics
Valve and Valve Components
Channel Valves
point Hallmark offers complete range of channel valve design for all reciprocating type compressors.
point Maximum flow is utilized while perfect sealing is ensured.
point Exclusive design, perfect machined
point Precision formed and lapped to have best sealing.
point Reduce metal fatigue and stress.
point Standard materials includes graded casting 410, 316 and K-model SS, INconel X-750
point Anti corrosive treated to avoid corrosion damage in CI valve parts
Valve Seats and Stop Plates
point Nodular iron castings are carefully in house heat treated to desired properties for each applications. Insure maximum

strength wear and impact resistance.
point Perfect machining and drilling
point Interchange as per part number
point Ensure and perfect assembly with related and reference parts
point Perfect lift with proper machining to have confirm pressure
point Machined, drilled, grinded and lapped
Metal valve Guides
point Highest quality machined steel guide. Precision formed to exacting tolerances that assure proper motion and movements of

channel in the valves.
point Our highest quality guides can significantly improve your compressor valve life.
point Highest quality sintered/machine alloy
point Exacting proper tolerances
point Suitable for lubricated and non lubricated compressor valves
Seat Plates (Flip Plates)
point 316, 410 stainless steel and special order steel are heat treated
point 100% flat with ground and machined lapped
point Electro polished with micro grinding finishing
point Demagnetised to perfect movement and proper sealing with channel
point Ensure prompt pressure and long lasting life of compressor valve
Connecting Rods
Connecting Rods
point Aluminium, bronze, SG iron & forging connecting rods.
point Precisely machined at both end.
point Ensured perfect dimension at Bush & pin holes machining.
point Great finishing & long lasting.
point Ensure permissible tolerances.

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